Rick Williams serves on the board of directors of middle market technology companies in the B2B space. Rick believes that an engaged board of directors is a value accelerator for every company. Rick is a deeply experienced board director and board chair drawing on his work as a management consultant and as founder and President of a successful company.

The CEO of a $5 – $300 million company has a lonely job. He or she is challenged every day and generally does not have access to experienced independent advisors and board directors. The board of directors has responsibility for the overall direction and governance of the company. But Rick also believes that coaching and advising the CEO and other senior leaders is part of his role as an independent board director. He works to make them successful in their roles as part of his work to make the company successful.

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Rick Williams Brings Experience and Expertise

Rick serves on the board of directors of technology companies usually in the B2B space. He is on the board of an exciting med tech company—Amorphex Therapeutics—with a drug delivery technology that will replace eye drops for the long-term treatment of glaucoma and other eye diseases. He has been board chair for a medical device company—Point Care Technology—with worldwide sales and served as COO and board member of a med therapy company with operations in the US and India. He was also on the board of an early-stage fin-tech company—FairWay Financial US—that promises to dramatically improve the market efficiency of the sale of first issue municipal bonds and other securities. Previously he was board chair of what is now named the Growth Capital Corporation—a Massachusetts-based quasi-public bank and VC firm.

Rick led the board of a VC controlled company during the transition from a founder CEO to a non-founder CEO when trust among all participants was essential. He chaired another board when it took the company through fundamental changes to its business strategy and business model and then a recapitalization. Rick’s recent board service includes serving on the board of a fin tech platform company and on the board of two young companies in the drug delivery and gene therapy spaces, one of which is going public.

Professionalism characterizes Rick’s widely recognized board of director expertise. Professional journals publish his articles on maximizing the value from your board. He also holds National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Certificate of Director Education.

To each board on which Rick serves, he brings broad experience across industries, an inquiring mind, creative questions, a commitment to hard work, a team approach to board success, excellent communication skills, a CEO and board perspective, and a national network of resources. At moments of real importance, Rick will help the board and the CEO make better decisions for the company.


Directors of private companies across the United States recognized Rick’s experience and expertise by electing him to represent them on the national board of directors of the Private Directors Association—the premier professional association of directors of private companies in the US.

“I have been a serial entrepreneur for 30 years. Rick Williams joined the board of one of my previous companies as the first independent (non-investor associated) board member and eventually became chairman of the board at a most critical time. Investor and employee shareholders experienced his careful and balanced approach to strategic questions. His excellent and patient communication skills made it easy for board members and employees of very different backgrounds to participate in complex decision making processes.”

—Petra B. Krauledat, PhD PNPResearch Corporation, LLC

“As a VC investor, I work with many company leaders and boards. I strongly recommend Rick as a leader, advisor and board member where a fresh and thoughtful point of view is needed, and active involvement is sought.”

—Fred Morris, Brook Venture Partners

“Rick Williams served with me for four years on the Board of FairWay Financial—US, a leading-edge capital markets software company when I was Board Chair and acting CEO. Rick is an intelligent and high energy colleague who takes initiatives to advance the objectives of an organization at the Board level. Rick was an active and creative Board member, and I would welcome serving with him again on the Board of another high potential company. I strongly recommend Rick for other Board positions.”

—Jack McMullen, Managing Principal at Cambridge Meridian Group, Inc.

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