“An inspiring and practical handbook for leaders—from start-ups to mature firms—who must choose the path forward for their company.”

Demos Parneros, Former President, Staples North America, and Former CEO, Barnes & Noble

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Create the Future is your leadership guidebook for being more creative and making better decisions for your company and yourself when you have an exciting opportunity or face a major threat. CTF gives you a structured process for imagining a wider range of realistic possibilities and choosing the path forward best matching your goals, risk preferences, and values.

  • Team Exercises step by step
  • Best Practices without big consulting fees


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“Read this book and learn how to imagine your company’s future and create the path to success. Along the way learn how to imagine your future as an authentic and innovative leader—it’s a win-win.”

Bill Burnett, Coauthor of Designing Your Life and Designing Your New Work Life and Executive Director of the Life Design Lab at Stanford University

Rick Williams introduces his new book Create the Future and outlines how it will help you succeed as a leader.

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When facing a critical decision, not every company can hire a consultant like McKinsey or Deloitte. When you have a great opportunity or face a challenging threat, Create the Future gives you the tools you and your leadership team will use for making critical decisions without a hefty price tag.

Create the Future

Main PrincipleI create the future by the decisions I make.
PurposeCreate the Future is about how to decide—not what to decide.
PracticeStep by step exercises for you and your team to:
• Define the problem
• Describe success
• Create choices
• Evaluate barriers
• Choose the future
ValueWhen your company faces important and difficult challenges, Create the Future is your guide for finding the solution best reflecting your goals, risk preferences, and values.

“Rick Williams brilliantly delivers a leadership compass for high-performing companies. With his wealth of experience, veteran consultant Williams provides a clear playbook that’s indispensable for leaders...”

Hubert Joly, Former Ceo, Best Buy; Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School; and Author of The Heart of Business

CREATE THE FUTURE® is the essential leadership guidebook for high-performance companies that The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is for a high-performance life.

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