Create the Future – Strengthen Your Creativity and Decision Making

My new book, Create the Future, has passed an important milestone that I want to share with you.

CTF will be your handbook for thinking creatively about where to take your company and for making better decisions.

I am honored by the endorsements the book has received. Here are two:

Rick Williams brilliantly delivers a leadership compass for high-performing companies. With his wealth of experience, Williams provides a clear playbook that’s indispensable for leaders seeking a practical approach to shaping their organization’s destiny. Packed with structured team exercises, this book empowers leaders to make choices that resonate with their goals and values. Like an in-house management consultant, Create the Future is your invaluable resource for decision-making in turbulent times.

Hubert Joly
Former Best Buy CEO, senior lecturer Harvard Business School, Author The Heart of Business

An inspiring and practical handbook for leaders, from startups to mature firms, who must choose the path forward for their company.
Demos Parneros
Former President, Staples North America, & former CEO, Barnes & Noble, Inc.

I have completed my final review of the manuscript before publication. Writing and then publishing this book has taken much longer than I expected. My friends are tired of hearing about it. But this is an important moment for this project and for me. I have read and re-read the manuscript dozens of times. Each time I find small ways to be more concise so you will get more from your time reading the book and using its leadership team exercises.

Spring of 2024 is the publication target. You can download the introductory chapter – “Getting Started” – from the book’s WEBSITE. You will be notified when the book is available.

The book’s whiteboard exercises take you from defining the challenge facing you and what success would look like to how you choose the future path for your organization from the realistic options available. I am confident your skills as a leader and decision-maker will be strengthened by Create the Future.

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