Looking Ahead to 2022

2021 is behind us. Opportunities and challenges are before us.

As we begin 2022, pausing for a moment to look back can be an important moment for learning. What happened? How has my world changed? What did I learn?

My 2021 notes to you are a chronicle of my thinking as we faced the challenges from COVID – lessons learned – and stories of leaders dealing with the issues you face every day – from pirates to boards of directors. Here are links to blogs and articles that you may have missed. I believe these are well worth your time to read.

The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Story
It Is Not Just the Money
Board of Directors – a Pain or an Asset
COVID-19 – Your Chief Innovation Officer
What Pirates Can Teach Us About Leadership

Like you, 2021 was a time of introspection for me. I thought about my life priorities post-COVID, and I shared lessons I have learned leading a highly competitive sailboat racing crew.

Purpose, Community, and Values Drive Success

If you are reading this newsletter, you have special skills, experience, and position enabling you to make things better in this world. That is your opportunity for 2022. And, I believe that is your responsibility. I hope the insights and guidance in my writing help you be more successful reaching your goals.

The Lighthouse
A painting or photograph captures a moment in time. Claude Monet painted the Rouen Cathedral in France at different times of day capturing dramatically changing images as the light shifted the feeling of the scene.

My Christmas newsletter included a photograph of a lighthouse in Salem Harbor, north of Boston, on a gray winter day, brightened by a red bow. Here is that image again with another photograph of the lighthouse as the sun is setting. Different light and color and a completely different feeling of connection to scene.